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Adventures of a rookie Maverick Hunter
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Fair warning: Due to a metaplot that is in progress, Juice is NOT a good person to randomly approach. Starter threads will be responded to, but don't expect pleasantries. Watch for the fireworks, though.. Muaha.

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Do me a favor. Reblog this if you welcome the use of ask memes as icebreakers between characters that have never, or rarely, interacted before.

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What had prompted you to join the Maverick Hunters long time ago?


Juice paused, actually thinking that over. “I saw some Hunters take down a Maverick near my creator’s place. I was tired of my abilities going to waste, and he encouraged me to join up. ‘Course, I found out later that there was something else to that whole setup, but… Heh. That part isn’t anyone else’s business, least of all a greyface menace.”

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Send me the Mun’s reputation. I can’t comment, only post it.

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sorry for absence


((Not just for yesterday, though I was offline all day, but for the last week as well. Lots of IRL stuff happening that’s kind of killed me, metaphorically speaking, and I’ve been too  mentally exhausted to even think of being online. I’ve also been completely re-absorbed into the Old Kingdom/Abhorsen trilogy, which hasn’t helped.

Anyways, I’m sorry for being gone for such a long time. I won’t promise that I’ll be right back or even back soon, because there’s a lot of stuff going on that I still have to focus on offline, but I will be back as soon as I am able. Thank you to everyone, and if any of you, any of you at all, want my skype, please, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll add you right away. Even when I’m away, I’m on Skype more than I am Tumblr right now, and I’m still happy to try and converse on there whenever I can.


aka TrigMun and JuiceMun))

((relevant to this blog as well. If not moreso, given that Juice is practically on hiatus until I can get her plot moving along again.))

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I need to convince my friend that it’s okay for girls to play male characters on RP. Reblog if you agree!

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"You've been quiet lately. Where have you been?"


"You’ve got a lot of nerve asking that of me. You think I’m just gonna tell you, simply because you’re Xav’s boy-toy?" She scoffed, making a flippant gesture over her shoulder.

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Reblog this if your muse is still developing

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